Room changer

by trishf

I am rather obsessed with wallpaper.

I love that it has the ability to accomplish so many things on different levels. On an entry way, it makes for a dramatic entrance. On an accent wall, it sparks conversations. In a bathroom, it can be a wow factor. On the interior walls of a closet, it can be an element of surprise.

When we moved into our rental, I’d wanted to transform the blah-ness of our apartment with wallpaper. While we didn’t quite get to that, at least the walls are filled to the ends with art and photos.

The benefits of wallpaper are plenty – it adds instant panache to a room, an accent wall or a section of the house, it helps to define the style and space of a room, it is versatile by virtue of design: one can be very dramatic or very subtle, and it introduces dimensions beyond the comparative flatness of plain walls. It is literally a game changer, or shall we say “room changer”.

The thought of applying wallpaper can make one shudder due to the sheer amount of work involved, not to mention the wallpaper of yesteryear was quite permanent. However, these days, there are a ton of removable, reusable, even pre-cut options which make wallpaper for your room a cinch.

All this talk made me start exploring wallpaper. I tend to favour either very abstract styles that are light and bold, or floral and damasks motifs in regal tones and modern colours. Here’s a quick round-up of my favourite designs.