People ask me

by trishf

What I do everyday.

Every other day.

There is a common assumption that unemployed individuals have a ton of free time. Rightly so, I guess. Work takes up 5/7 days a week, for the main part of every day, that most people assume, since I am currently unemployed, I must be free and hence have a lot of free time, all the time.

The reality, however, is quite the opposite. Though I’m neither routine-driven, or systematic, I like to have a form of structure in my days. I like to know what my day entails when I wake up that morning.

Most days, I am on my computer by 930am, if not 10am at the latest. Then it is emails, network, job hunt, house hunt, home affairs, life admin. If I’m not at my desk, I can be found at the gym, running errands, having lunch, or on coffee dates with fellow “structurally-unemployed” or “permalance” friends. I also like to get my creative juices flowing through my blog, crafting a piece of jewelry (new obsession) or baking (I love baking). Every so often, I attend networking events to widen my social and professional circle.

Much like my previous life in advertising, no two days are ever the same. While I like that it is loose and fluid, what I like most of all is that I’m finally catching up on “lost” time and doing things I love. It is not going to last forever (bills need to be paid!), but for now I am taking it each day as it comes and enjoying it while it lasts.

See? I’m not that free, am I?