Home in the Catskills

by trishf

images via thegrahamandco.com

image via thegrahamandco.com

I just discovered the coolest, most rustic yet decidedly urban and achingly hip retreat in upstate New York.

Tucked away in the little hamlet of Phoenicia in the Catskills, The Graham & Co is a charming oasis reminiscent of Brooklyn, or perhaps just Williamsburg, what with artisanal wood furnishings, Tivoli radios, recyclable totes and old school bicycles. The population is just 300, which is the total number of people who live in my building alone.

A modern update on the traditional getaway, it is just the perfect amount of travelling time for us die-hard New Yorkers before separation anxiety takes over. 2.5 hours commute ain’t that bad, IMO.

When I grow up and the big bucks start rollin’ in, I’d love to run a cool B&B like that. An urban retreat tucked away from the city (just enough so I can still get my dose of manicity when needed) for like-minded creatures, where we collectively conspire to create art, over food and untold stories of travel.