by trishf

Maple syrup. Check.

Greek yoghurt. Check.

Flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder. Check, check, check.

Which brings me to this recipe on my Pinterest board by way of Food 52 for a few weeks now.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest


Maple Yoghurt Pound Cake. This delightful recipe drops the calories of sugar and butter in favour of maple syrup and oil, giving it a crumbly, flavourful interior that contrasts perfectly with the sweet, crackly, glistening exterior. The tartness of yoghurt with a hint of maple and lemon zest made for an interesting taste profile, reminiscent of breakfast. Though the recipe called for “preferably non-fat yoghurt”, I used it anyway, which did not make the cake any less delicious.

Easily the best I’ve baked thus far. Perfect on its own with a cuppa on a lazy, morish afternoon, I suspect would be even more delectable as dessert dressed with whipped cream and berries.