Crafty creature

by trishf

My crafty train has been running on full steam for a few months now.

Last week, my creative engine was in high gear and I was brimming with ideas on new pieces to execute. I even had them sketched out at work on a slow afternoon. Needless to say, I was excited to bring these ideas to life when I finally had a moment of free time.

As much as I wanted this post to be all rainbows and sunshine, the reality was quite the opposite. For two entire days, I just couldn’t execute what I’d sketched. Whatever was on paper didn’t translate to actuality. And I didn’t know why. I grew increasingly frustrated with myself. That I wasn’t nailing it the first time.  That whatever I’d made looked nothing like what I thought it would or should be. My work station was covered with wire, chains, tools.. Feelings of despair, panic, dejection and self-doubt crept in.

I was losing steam.

And it was at that moment, I realised I had to drop it right there and then.

Within seconds, I bolted out of the house. I had to do something, anything. I couldn’t let this happen, not when I barely started.

That afternoon, the long walk around the ‘hood clear my head and lifted my spirits again. Looking at what is out there, I started to get some perspective again. Talking to the hubs definitely helped too.

The road to creative excellence isn’t always easy. Sure, it is a lot of hard work both mentally and emotionally, but the process is always fun and rewarding. I don’t need to be the best, because as long as I stay true to myself and be proud of what I deliver , that is all that matters. Right?

I didn’t pick it back up again that night, but I certainly feel way better than I did in a while.