Yoohoo, anyone there?

by trishf


I am utterly sorry for the cold cricket silence these last three weeks. Where have I been?! Geez. Buried under an oppressive combination of heavy rain, thick grey clouds and scorching heat all at once.

(Read: housing matters, work matters and “mid-life” crisis matters)

Now that the sun is slightly shinning (or the dust is nearly settled), I’ve been breathing a little easier:

Our appraisal came thru, as I’d mentioned in my last post. We’ve been watching the interest rates like a hawk and (im)patiently waiting for the opportune time to lock it in. I was also concerned about not being able to find a renter for our current apartment as our management company very thoughtfully increased the rent by 20%. But, that pulled thru as well. A nice looking couple viewed the place just before the 4 July weekend, fell in love with it and submitted their application right away. This past Monday, their application was accepted and the lease was signed that very morning. YAY.

The job market has also picked up slightly (I’m feeling it, are you?), meaning employers are a little more upbeat about the economy at large. This, hopefully, means I’ll land a job soon. Fingers cross.

All things considered, I’m finally feeling like things are getting checked off the list. It’s been a too long arduous three weeks of two steps ahead, but five steps backwards.

Slowly, but surely, we are getting there.

And, this past weekend, we jumped at the chance for a quick getaway from the madness when a couple of friends graciously invited us to share a “charming rustic farmhouse” upstate. Affectionately named “Chipmunk Hollow”, the house is situated on over ten acres of land with plenty of trees, woods, grass and water to provide us with the sanity and peaceful retreat we needed. It even has an open fire and a large back deck amongst a lush pine forest for any and every outdoor activity you can possibly dream of.  We cooked, played games, drank and chilled the entire weekend away.

It was exactly the refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating kicker of a weekend we needed.