Fruit du jour

by trishf

Is there such a thing as “meloncitis”?

If it exists, then I might possibly be suffering from water”meloncitis”. Since the start of summer, I’ve been averaging a consumption pattern of one small watermelon per week.

I took the extra step of shopping for the perfect size – nothing too big taking into consideration our  NY kitchen, a tiny chopping board usually reserved for apples and oranges, and a tinier kitchen knife – actually, I used the largest knife we have which is a 9″ bread knife), nothing too small (I mean, if I’m going to lug this fruit home like a mule, it’d better last a while).


I found the ideal one nestled amongst the chaotic produce section at Mott Street Supermarket in Chinatown – roughly the size of a bowling ball. We all know how heavy watermelons can get, so lugging a bowling ball-sized watermelon back 6 blocks from Chinatown in this scorching heat and now the apparent “heat wave” that has descended upon NY, is quite a work out. Plus, I don’t usually just get a watermelon……. Anyhow.

Once I get home all hot and bothered, I set to make my watermelon “meals” to last me for the week. Two of the favourites I’ve been alternating is a variation on this watermelon and charred tomato salad recipe I found on Food & Wine, and a watermelon-mint-cucumber-coconut water concoction. Sometimes I throw in a couple of strawberries to “berrify” the juice a little. The seeds in the strawbs also gives it a bit of crunch and texture.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Salad

To make the salad a little more substantial, I turned it into a panzanella and added kale for greens. It’s been such a refreshing delight, I’ve had it three days in a row already!

Reminiscing on the success of last year’s watermelon granita, I am also thinking of making an updated version this year.

What is your fruit du jour this season and what are some of your favourite ways to eat it?