Happy 45th Post! PS: I’m back.

by trishf

*knock knock*

My dear readers, I am terribly terribly sorry for the radio silence. In fact, I am utterly embarrassed. Geez.

Will you accept my sincerest apologies? It has been an insane three months and I’ve been up to no good.

We finally move. It was intense, laborious, mentally and physically taxing. I won’t bore you with the minute details but I will certainly post pics of the new pad when it’s ready.

For now, here’s a peek at my website http://www.3CTZN.com. It’s finally up and running! There are still a couple of tweaks and bugs to work thru, but for now, it is a fully functioning site with lots of good stuff, and more to come.

And if there’s anything that tickles your fancy, enter FALLING4U to receive 15% off.

Just ‘coz.