I <3 NY

by trishf

  1. The big bad urban city grit. Quite unlike any other city I’ve lived in.
  2. The immediacy. Everything, anything and then some within a block.
  3. The fashion. Need I say more.
  4. The food. You name, New York has it.
  5. The weather. Snow is still a novelty to me. On the flip side, we are also rewarded with some of the bluest, clearest, sunniest skies ever.
  6. The architecture. ESB, Chrysler, Woolworth, Frank Gehry, tenements, town homes, cast iron.
  7. The melting pot. Of different cultures, sub cultures, ethnicities and nationalities.
  8. The attitude. Straight shooting, assertive, all or nothing New Yorkers who won’t take no for an answer yet are friendly and welcoming once you scratch beneath the surface.
  9. The crazies. Who can forget the crazies that every New Yorker embraces and co-exists with as part of Gotham.
  10. The biggest Chinatown outside Asia. Love it or hate it, this Chinatown is and will always be the bomb.

Some say the 10-year mark qualifies you as a bona fide New Yorker.

Though we are only half way there, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be living here. New York, we’ll be back.

PS: Happy 50th Post.