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Another grey day. Another t-storm.

These June showers better be bringing July flowers. That’s all I’m going to say.

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4 and counting.

NY City Hall

We celebrated our City Hall Anniversary this past Monday.

Pic above 4 years ago. How time flies.

Happy City Hall Anniversary Hubs!

To the next 40 years.. ❤


“You know what’s the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? Is when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with, and you realize that that is how little they’re thinking about you.”

— Jesse from Before Sunrise/ Sunset

Yikes, is all I can say.

Customise me.

A recent article I read in Business of Fashion about the rise of “geek brands” in Japan shed an interesting light about the shift in consumer patterns and how some brands are responding to these so called “esoteric whims”, be it hobbies or consumer goods. Although the report was talking about men and in particular 30-40 plus Japanese men, I thought the following observation was pretty insightful and applicable to all, or most of us, in general.

“.. peer pressure — in the  biggest cities at least — is today increasingly shifting from fitting in by dressing down to fitting in by standing out, with this generation outdoing each other to find the latest and greatest — and the more exacting, custom made and obsessive the better.”

It resonated with me mostly because, living in New York City, there is a constant pressure to stand out and make an impact, from what you wear, what you say, do and how. Everything needs to make a statement, everything should make a statement. No longer is mass production condoned. It is all about personalisation and making it “me”. No longer are consumers homongenous and uniform. Brands need to rise up and recognise the difference, or be forgotten.


It’s stiff competition out there.


A cuppa meal

Green Smoothie

There are days where I prefer to drink my breakfast than eat it, especially when those darn braces get in the way of enjoying any form solid food.

That’s why a good smoothie is easily my favourite breakfast of choice.

Much like a blank canvas, a smoothie can be anything and/ or everything you want. Easy as pie, and built from just about any staples in the fridge, it is a cinch to make and perfect for those rushed mornings (which is probably about every other day).  If you are looking to incorporate smoothies into your breakfast repertoire, you’d want to keep things fresh and delicious by having variety and more importantly, ensuring that the smoothie goes the extra mile by keeping you satiated till your next meal.

These three smoothies have been topping my list of late:

  1. My favourite breakfast smoothie du-jour is milk, chocolate powder, banana, peanut butter and a single (sometimes double, depending on which side of the bed I get up from) shot of espresso. It’s like coffee meets breakfast – or an “even quicker picker upper”, as I’d like to call it. Throw in some rolled oats, which works really well with the ingredients here to make for a substantial breakfast that can quite possibly last you till lunch.
  2. With gym season in full swing, my nano-sec-go-to smoothie these days pre and post work-out is OJ, strawbs and protein powder. Simple, convenient and satiating. Sometimes I whizz in a huge dollop of non-fat Greek yoghurt for added protein and tartness.
  3. I’ve also been on a green binge of late so spinach, banana with coconut water seem to work really well for me. The hubs doesn’t take to the Shrek-green hue too well, but I like it. The taste of the banana overpowers the spinach, so while it looks all green and yucky, you can’t really taste the spinach in there. I’d imagined kale juice would be a good substitute for spinach, if stems and fibre were removed.

Staying on course with the green theme, we make a pretty mean Vietnamese-style avocado smoothie. Blitz one medium avocado with condensed milk, and ice. Easy, fuss free and delicious. Be warned though,  the consistency is very thick like a mega thick milk shake, so you’ll almost need a spoon to scoop it up. The result is ultra creaminess, sweet and all heart healthy. Avocados contain all 18 essential amino acids and healthy fats that are said to boost your HDL (high density lipoprotein or “good” cholesterol). Plus it keeps you full for a loooong time. It’s like the smoothie that keeps giving.

What kinds of smoothies do you like and what ingredients do you add to yours to make it a cuppa meal?


“Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is art.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Brunch is one of my favourite meals. I could brunch all day, everyday. Pancakes. Eggs Bene. Hash. Shrimp and Grits. Waffles. Fried Chicken. Scones. Frittata. Coffee. Mimosas. Bloody Mary. Yumm.

We also like the idea of entertaining at home with brunch, but waking up at the crack of dawn to prep isn’t exactly an appealing weekend to-do. Which is why this 15 best make-ahead brunch recipes from The Kitchn came in at just about the right time, as we kick off brunch fever with the arrival of Spring.


Since I’m on a bit of a kale-spin lately, the Kale and Goat Cheese Frittata Cups tops my list. And you should know by know I’m a sugar-scone fiend, so it is no surprise that the Banana Bread Scones with Brown Sugar Glaze is a close second.

So who’s up for brunch this weekend?

(images via The Kitchn)

Cosmic Power

Taking the whole smokey slippers trend to a new level, Charlotte Olympia’s Birthday Shoes from her latest Cosmic Collection had me at hello, gorgeous! Perfect for the sunny Leo in me, this orange suede number features a gold hand-painted enamel Zodiac symbol, embellished with Swarovski crystals. Facing the inside of each pair is an embroidered horoscope just in case you weren’t sure what your Zodiac sign looks like! Too cute. Might be a tad too girly for my taste, but I gotta say it is growing on me.

See the rest of the collection on Charlotte Olympia.

(images via Net-A-Porter, Charlotte Olympia)

Creped out


I love crepes.

I didn’t grow up eating crepes. Neither was it a staple in my culture, though my brother and I had our fair share of batter-induced pancakes and waffles when we were young, thanks to McDonald’s and A&W.

There’s something so deliciously alluring about a good crepe. Pillowy soft, springy, lacy thin with crisped ends, cooked to a perfect golden hue. Lightly dusted with sugar and a squeeze of citrusy lemon, I’m good to go. Though I err on the side of sugar, one of my favourite things about crepes is its versatility. Depending on what your tummy is in the mood for, it’s a blank canvas that can be dressed according to your craving du jour. Sweet, sour, savory or nothing at all – you name it.

For some reason, crepes in New York are obscenely overpriced. A Nutella & banana crepe (two staples just about anyone will have in their kitchen) sets you back by about $9. In the mood for something savoury? Be prepared to fork out at least $8 for Gruyère. Surely there are no special skills involved in making crepes either. With that in mind, I set forth to hunt down the perfect recipe to satisfy my crepe craving.

This recipe from Julia Child by way of Gratinee is a win-win on all levels. Three simple steps with five über basic ingredients in any pantry – flour, milk, eggs, butter and salt (ok fine, make it 6 to include water, if you will). Because the recipe doesn’t call for sugar, it works as a good base for either sweet or savory crepes.

It was so utterly delicious that we made a dinner crepe that night with sausage, mushrooms and avocado, after a sweet crepe for breakfast in the morning.

My mind is whirling on a crepe party next!


Erratic. Menopausal. Temperamental. Schizophrenic.

Yup, those are the words I’d describe the weather of late.

One moment it’s bright and sunny. The next, windy and overcast. Suffice to say, it makes getting dressed in the morning more than a bit of a challenge. I’m sure I’m not the only one judging by the street style these days. There are shorts and tees and then there are knee high boots with thick wooly scarves. Oh and yesterday, we spotted the epitome of utter sartorial spring confusion in a women in the West Village. She was in a short mini skirt, flip-flops with a puffer coat!

What is going on? One thing’s for sure. It’s predictably unpredictable.

Mark Twain best sums it up: “In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” 

Let’s make that 137, shall we?

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